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HostServ in ZeusiRCd v4.0.x

HostServ is the pseudonym that IRCd uses to communicate with your virtual ips management system.
The nickname does not exist as such and is not usable by any user for security.
The bot is called by commands /hostserv or /hs .
Help of HostServ:

/hs register mypath | /hs register apatchthatilike/mypath

This command allows you to register a path and associate it with your nickname.
If the path is a root path, the path is yours. If a path is not root, the path is yours
and of all the users that share the root. There can not be two equal paths.

/hs drop my/path | /hs drop path

This command allows you to delete the path whenever it belongs to you.
you can delete lower but not higher paths, the lower paths are the ones on the right.

/hs request the/path/ilike

This command allows you to request to owners of the upper paths your path.
It is processed by any owner of a higher path.

/hs accept <nickname>

This command allows you to accept the path of the user who has that nick always.
that is under your property. As soon as the path is activated the user will have his vHost.

/hs transfer <path> <newowner>

This command transfers the path of your property to the new owner, it can not be reversed.

/hs off

This command resets your virtual host when you no longer want to use it.

/hs list *path*

 This command allows you to search for a path or, if you enter only "/hs list",
 shows you the requests of your paths and the lower paths.
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